Product Concept

  Haibu is a product concept created by a group of Hyper Island students, including myself. It invites lecturers and students to use their mobile devices in the classroom to make education more productive and fun, and bring it up to date.



Student in the classroom spend more time using their phones, for go to their social media,
chat with friend, watch videos and play games.




Imagine having a second screen experience,
not at home with a TV, but with a powerpoint-based lecture, in an academic environment. The Haibu app concept was about allowing a student to use their phone to receive second screen information based on, and to compliment, what happens on the first screen, from where lecturer has his main presentation. 

Students benefit from having an extra layer of content, have a new way to ask questions, and can bookmark useful references during the lecture. The lecturer has the ability to track the usage of Haibu app and draw attention to it as a teaching aid, when they want.
Finally, the lecture becomes truly interactive, involving students in a new way, and encouraging them
to ask questions during or after class.  We believe this evolved model of teaching has the ability to push education to a new level.


[fade]HOW to bring this
To life[/fade]


[fade]The concept was tested and performed well. We completed branding for Haibu and created a set of screen designs for the app. We wanted Haibu to be perceived as a modern and fun educational experience, so we decided to focus on the content and make the design flat and minimalistic. [/fade]



Enio Sarrias, Alex Ivanov, Daniel Mascarenhas, Rafael Ciciliotti,
Ryo Takahashi and Bob Marlies @ Hyper Island[/fade]