When I was in Tokyo, one thing I realised was how difficult it was to flirt with a Japanese lady.  



Flirting is a big barrier in the Japanese culture, and not even the youngest generations are exempt of this



Even though the Japanese culture is shy by nature, when technology is involved, they tend to socialize easily.



Open your world, and get closer to people you have more things in commun.



We’d develop an small device to use at parties to help millennials in Japan to break the ice, socialize and find their perfect match. 

This small device is a ring with a small screen, which changes Kaomojis (Japanese emoticons), when it is close to another person’s ring, to show if you have things in common with each other.

The less interests they have, the more :( the ring would show on the screen but, the more common interests they have, the more :) the ring would show on the screen. In that way, the ring would help them to break the ice and encourage them to start a conversation, knowing for sure that the can chat about things they’re passionate about.


Kaomoji Ring + Common interests + Party = The right matching couple



We’d organize “Kaomoji Ring” parties around Tokyo and other major cities in Japan.
Each attendee would get the ring and download the app. The app connects with their social media channels profiles, taking care of their likes about cinema, music, favourite places, etc. When the “Kaomoji Ring” party starts, the Kaomoji Ring would react based on compatibilities of all the people there. To encourage them to start real conversations, the ring would just react if they get close enough to other ring.