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From Orange One a consultant company in Tokyo Japan, I was committed to create a Team for Develop a mobile app with AR technology to help people share moments with friends through photos linked to the location where it was taken.

My role: Team Leader, Product Design.
Creative Team: Amilcar Guevara, Ze Paz, Enio Sarrias,
Tech Team: Bombay DC, Gorillaz.

All rights for image & video reserved.




Since our beginnings, we’ve always thrived to leave a mark, to tell our story.

Over the past few years, how we communicate, has taken a completely new meaning. We live in a permanently connected culture but paradoxically, and to some extent, we have lost meaningful daily interactions.

But despite this non-stop race of new technologies, we are still driven by the same emotions as our grandparents. We are social by nature, and sharing is in our DNA.

That’s why, social media channels such as Facebook, WeChat and Instagram, have succeeded. Those are channels that enable us to communicate and share.

We know that if done right, and with the current available technologies, we can offer a powerful tool for people to reconnect and share moments with their loved ones.



Our lives are filled with milestones. Things that everyone can relate to or things that only we will experience.  These moments define us. 

And will keep defining us for the rest of our lives.




The city is our playground, a big puzzle yet to be built. Our memories are the pieces that bring it together. A city full of memories in permanent evolution.

The city will be transformed into a virtual reality world, where users will be able to immortalise shareable moments. Shape their stories. Leave a mark.

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Memento is a window to your memories and to others’ memories. As a result, we have structured Memento in 4 zones, where CREATION & EXPLORATION are the 2 main ones and where users will spend most of their time. Added to these 2 zones, we have as well Profile and the AR library.






 We don’t see the world as consumer groups or character types. People defined by age or gender. We see people defined by the way they think, their mindsets.
A mindset guides you in every decision you make, is a way of thinking that it’s influenced by everything around you and everything you do. Whether that’s in the classroom, in commute or the office. Whether driven by the urge to create, or explore.
It makes you who you are.
Mindsets are not set in stone, they flow and shift. And because we know our moods, attitudes and emotions change we don’t see the world as others do, we see a collection of mindsets regardless of the age of gender.



Their world is a blank canvas. Creativity isn’t a choice, it’s a necessity. Every detail matters, Every color is key, every texture is agonised over and every 3D element is fundamental. Their insatiable appetite for creativity must be quenched. They want to customise, design and make meaningful creations.



Smoothers don’t want to create all the time,
they want to discover and enhance. Get inspired to make their own. To augment what already exists and make it theirs. They need inspiration, choices and simplicity.  The look for creation references before creating.



Their world is yet to be discovered. Curiosity isn’t a choice, it’s in their nature. Every swipe please them. They’re hungry for content and they want to consume it. They connect with others by giving virtual thumbs up to others’ creations.



Simple geometric characters inspired by urban skyline representing the diversity of Memento stories and locations, providing an easy and instant recognition of the concept.  The logo will not be limited to one fixed brand expression.