The launch of a new car combining a new style of photography and new brand positioning for a complete 360 campaign. A series of sponsoring adverts, guerrila action, direct marketing, mailings, and more. In general a complete online activation campaign supported by events and a facebook game where you could virtually experience the car before its launch.



Cities are increasingly filled with cars and traffic becomes more and more unbearable. The day by day with your car everytimes is become more difficult. And people can't enjoy the city as they wish.


In the day by day people want to do a lot of things, but they don't have time to spend for be worried about the car.



A breakfast with your friend, a shopping in the center of the city, an hour in the gym, a nice massage
in the spa with your boyfriend, a lunch with your people,  a dance in the new club...etc.  
Life is made of small things and with the new Seat Mii the smallest car of the brand you can go everywhere without worry about the car, is the best partner for bring you to you to place you want to be,  because you deserve a bigger life.